Advanced Document Signing Services is a  
   bonded and insured mobile notary signing agency dedicated
   to loan document signings and traditional notarial duties. 
   We are also proud members of the National Notary

    Our promises to you are:
                               24 hours / 7 days a week availability. 
                                      Bilingual translation services.
                               Dependable receipt of documents via email, fax, or       
                                      overnight delivery.                                              
                               Guaranteed notarial accuracy. 
                                      Duplication of loan document package for 
                               Prompt communication between all parties involved.
                                      Professional and friendly notaries.
                               Timely return of documents.
                                      State of the art office and mobile equipment.

   Our process:
                               We take the order from you.
                                     We immediately call the borrower(s) to confirm the  
                                     date, time and location of the signing or establish
                                     an appointment, if one is needed.                                   
                                     We request from the borrower(s) proper and   
                                     current photo identification.  We also request a
                                     photocopy of their identification which is sent to 
                                     you along with the signed documents.
                               We choose a notary that will best fit the borrower(s) 
                                     needs i.e. bilingual, location.
                               The notary scans the loan documents for any specific
                                     lender's instructions.
                               The notary arrives at the designated location on time  
                                    and professionally attired. 
                               The notary checks the borrower(s) identification and   
                                   completes the notarial journal entry with requested
                                   borrower(s) thumb print.          
                               The notary presents the documents to the borrower(s)
                                   gaining signatures, dates, and initials where required.
                               The notary explains the document pages without 
                                   expressing opinions of the loan terms or funding
                               If the borrower(s) have questions or concerns about
                                   what is stated in the documents, and the questions
                                    are outside the scope of notarial duties, the notary
                                    encourages the borrower(s) to immediately call
                                    their loan contact person.  The notary also reminds
                                    the borrower(s) of the loan rescission period, if
                               After the documents have been signed by 
                                    the borrower(s), the notary gives the borrower(s) a
                                    duplicate copy of the loan documents.
                               We update you on the status of the closing.
                               The signed documents are rigorously examined for
                               We fax back documents, if applicable.
                               The documents are packaged and properly addressed
                                     for prompt delivery to your destination.